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Our window film is professional-grade, 2 MIL thick, dual reflective ceramic film – the best film for flat glass applications

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Do you want to increase the profit you earn on every customer you get?

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You are in the home providing services already, why not get more revenue per job by offering an additional value-added service to your existing customers.

Gross margins on window film installation can exceed 70%!

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Yes! All Concord Window Film is professional-grade film. Our film is produced by one of the largest manufacturers in the solar control industry and is provided to us under a confidential private label agreement. Concord Window Film is made with the same raw materials, adhesives, stabilizers, metals, ceramic coatings, and laminates found in the best films in our industry. And they are produced in ISO 9001-registered facilities. Our manufacturer is completely vertically integrated, meaning they produce every window film component themselves to control quality. This includes the PET film, the adhesives, the laminates, the liner, etc. In short, Concord Window Film is the highest quality residential window film you can purchase.

If you are a home services professional, you can get started with a free Basic Pro membership by filling out a short form with some basic information about yourself and your business. This membership gets you access to all of our Concord Window Film at 5% off of retail pricing, In addition, you can purchase a selection of professional window film tools not available on the retail site. There are no purchase minimums and no obligations after your account is approved.

If you want to incorporate window film as a service to your customers with the full support of the company as a Concord Pro, you can elect our Certified Pro membership. For $50/month, you get access to our Certified Pro pricing which is 20% off of retail, all of the professional tools and our Installation Certification training program. When you sign up, we will send you a double-hung window kit of our ComforTech Ceramic Series film for you to complete the Installation Certification Course. Then the next step will be to complete the Installation Certification course. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be able to market yourself as a Concord Pro, are eligible to receive homeowner leads from us, and will be able to offer a warranty on the window film installation backed by Concord Window Film. In addition, you’ll have access to other courses and resources to help you grow your business. Again, there are no purchase minimums at this membership level and you can cancel your membership at any time.

As mentioned above, there are two membership levels to choose from. You can sign up as a Basic Pro membership which is free forever. Or you can choose the Certified Pro membership which costs $50/month. You can upgrade or cancel your membership at any time.

You will find details of both memberships below this FAQ section.

No! With some attention to detail and the right film and tools, window film is very easy to install. All our films come with installation instructions. And Certified Pros get training through our Certification Course.

While results will depend on the size of and prevailing prices in your local market, window film can be a highly profitable add-on service to your business. At the Certified Pro pricing level, product costs run around 25%-35% of project revenues, again depending on the market you are in. Our Certified Training Courses will take you through how to price and sell window film. And we have created a suite of marketing materials to help you jump-start your window film sales.

Window film offers healthy margins and because you can cross-sell it with your existing services to existing customers, the marketing costs are low for home services pros. With Concord Window Film’s support and your initiative, window film installation can be an important part of your business’ overall growth strategy.

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