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Photo collage showing four items that are included in the Concord Pro Starter Kit

The Pro Window Film Starter Kit

Introducing the Pro Window Film Starter Kit! We’ve put together a starter kit of everything you will need to get your window film installation business up and running! Below is a list of everything that is included in the kit and what each tool is used for:

Olfa Silver Stainless Steel Knife

Photo of an Olfa knife for the category page Knives & Scrapers

Olfa knife with snap-off blades for perfect, precise window film cutting and trimming. This is the pro’s choice for a professional finish. This knife is used for cutting film from the roll as well as for the finish trim cuts of film on the glass.

The Olfa 9mm SVR-1 Stainless Steel Slide-Lock Knife is the professional’s choice for maneuverability and control. The stainless-steel body keeps the snap blade steady for a safe, precise cut. This stainless-steel snap knife resists rust and corrosion for use in any setting. The pocket clip features a small slit for use in snapping the blade.

This knife comes pre-loaded with a 9mm AB-S Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade for instant use. Thirteen (13) snap segments per blade deliver continuous cutting with fewer blade changes. A quick snap of the dull segment reveals a fresh cutting edge. Full blade changes are effortless with no extra tools required. Remove the clip and slide the used blade out of the back of the cutter. Insert the new blade and return to work.

Olfa AB10S 10 Pack Blades

Photo of a 10 Pack of Olfa Replacement Blades

This is the industry-standard blade for window film cutting. Each blade is 9mm and has 13 cutting edges. Pack contains 10 stainless steel replacement blades for use with the Olfa Silver Stainless Steel Knife. Extra blades are a must in your toolbox to keep jobs running smoothly.

6″ Triumph Scraper

Photo of a black Triumph 6" scraper window film tool

The 6” Triumph Scraper makes easy work of all your window cleaning prep. Paint, tape, stickers, and construction debris like stucco or caulk can be quickly and efficiently removed from glass.

The scraper measures 6 inches for maximum efficiency when cleaning. The Triumph Scraper’s hollow handle is ergonomically shaped to fit the human hand and is designed to fit on most extension poles allowing the professional the ability to reach elevated windows with ease. The scraper includes a safety cap with a newly developed and improved locking mechanism; supported by locking marks and a clear click sound. The scraper comes fitted with a 0.20 mm carbon double-edge blade that is held by a reinforced channel. There is a trigger tab on the blade holder with rounded corners.

Slip Tack Mounting Solution

Photo of 16 ounce bottle of Slip tack mounting solution

The Slip Tack Mounting Solution is what you will use to make your window film installation solution. It is used to clean the glass before filming and it is used to install the film. Slip Tack gives the film some “slip” allowing it to move around on the glass before adhering permanently. Concord Pro’s ComforTech Ceramic Series film has a dry adhesive which must be activated with the installation solution to work properly.

Simply use about 1 tsp (20 drops) per 32 oz of water and shake gently.

Polyspray 2 Spray Bottle

Photo of a professional sprayer for the category shop page spray & solutions for Concord Pro Window Film

The Polyspray 2 is a pressurized spray bottle that can hold up to 1.25 liters of water or slip solution. It has an adjustable spray nozzle and a heavy-duty hand-operated pump that reduces “finger fatigue” by eliminating the trigger. The Polyspray 2 is ideal for use in window cleaning and window film installation as it allows the installer to work quickly and efficiently.

Blue Max Squeegee Blade with Handle

BlueMax Squeegee

BlueMax™ Power Squeegees are known for their strength and flexibility while not damaging window film. The BlueMax™ line of squeegees is manufactured to be the perfect tool for flat glass window film. They are made from an industrial-grade polymer which is designed to have the perfect hardness balanced with the specific flexibility required for window film installation.

The BlueMax™ squeegee is angled to fit into tight corners and is paired with an Unger squeegee handle for a complete set so it’s ready to use. Replacement blades are available for purchase.

5-Way Trim Guide

A 5 way film guide for the measure & trim category of Concord Pro's products.

This 5-way trim guide is a 10” tool that can be used as a handy trim guide with your Olfa knife for final cuts on the window. Or wrap the edge with a paper towel and use it as a “bump tool” to remove the last bit of installation solution.

Pack of 10 Sample Kits

ComforTech Ceramic Series Sample Kit Product Image crop

Our window film sample kits are the perfect in-home selling tool! Complete with a 5” x 7” piece of each of the five ComforTech™ Ceramic Series shades, as well as a sample of Matte White Privacy and Silver 15 Reflective film. Homeowners can see the quality of the film and compare shades to choose the one that is right for them. It’s a great focus point for your in-home presentation and a terrific leave-behind for clients.

Pack of 25 ComforTech™ Ceramic Series Brochures

Photo of the ComforTech Ceramic Series Trifold Brochure

The ComforTech trifold brochure is expertly designed to assist you, the Concord Pro, in explaining the multitude of benefits of our flagship film: ComforTech Ceramic Series to homeowners. Serving as both an educational tool and a compelling visual aid, this brochure is an invaluable asset for your consultations and a perfect leave-behind after home visits. It’s your essential tool for engaging homeowners and introducing them to the benefits of ceramic solar control window film.

Concord Pro Wearables

Concord Pro Polo Shirt Feature Product Image

Add to your work wardrobe with our Concord Pro logo wear. You’ll receive two blue Hanes eco-fabric golf shirts.


Our Concord Pro Window Film Starter Kit includes everything you need to get your window film installation business up and running. Everything that’s in the kit is also available for individual purchase, but you get a discount buying the kit. Window Film Starter Kits can be purchased here: